Fish on beach

The grill lay low on sand
The smell of salty water
mixed with the homelessness
of the poor fish on the grill
tossing and turning
into a roast

There are no candles on the table

It is dark, it is stormy

an old man walks through the room

a cane in his hand

he blindly walks around

but lits no candles on the table


the widow at the end of the street

peeks outside

the dark stormy night

a chill makes her shudder

but she has no candles on her table


the broken family on the adjacent street

has a lady crying

in her gloomy room

the wind howls outside

but there are no candles on her table


Daily Prompt: Sep 15

Write a poem about appearances

Img: Tumblr keyword suggestions
Purple lips,
plastic teeth
bushy eyebrows
dainty eyes
squishy tummy,
flat hips,
born and bred
the Tarzan kind
except Tarzan had friends
but for ugly,
there's no friend.

Daily Prompt: Sep 2

Hello readers!

I post one prompt each day. Sometimes I use The Daily Post list of 365 days prompts, other times I use my own. Please feel free to leave a comment below or use the prompt in your blogposts.

Do you know the meaning of your name, and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you? 

My name means: One who travels.

I didn’t use to like my name and would change it’s spelling to make myself feel better but once I learnt of it’s meaning, I completely fell in love with my name.

My parents tell me it was one of my cousins who wanted my parents to keep this name for me, hence that’s how it happened.

I do definitely think it suits me because I have been traveling all my life since my childhood till now, I hardly get to stay at one place for long. And I DO love traveling.