A pigeon’s fate

When I was not carrying your burden, my feet weighed as light as the feathers of a homing pigeon. My soul as pure as the whiteness of its body. My wings carried me high and above, taking me wherever I wanted.

But you plucked on my feathers and made quills out of them. Dipping them in my blood, you wrote my life, my destiny for me. How far was I supposed to go? Who was I to meet? All my decisions were in your hands.

You built fresh nests around me and asked me to lay eggs and each time when I refused, you built walls around me, their levels as high as your insecurities.

Now I can barely catch a glimpse of the painted glass windows of the house nearby. They have always joined my screams when you would go away. And I know once I am completely confined in these walls, my screams will not be muffled, rather, they will be so loud, loud enough to explode those windows and send sharp shards flying all around. And at that point I would wish deeply in my heart for one of those to find your way and pierce through your rough and callous skin. I want you to bleed, I want you to cry in pain and then with those broken shards I want to write the destiny of your life, just like you wrote mine.


Daily Prompt: Sep 15

Write a poem about appearances

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Purple lips,
plastic teeth
bushy eyebrows
dainty eyes
squishy tummy,
flat hips,
born and bred
the Tarzan kind
except Tarzan had friends
but for ugly,
there's no friend.

Daily Prompt: Sep 6

Explain why there was no post the previous day?

So yesterday I was in a situation where I didn’t have a proper access to the internet. Moreover I was physically not in the condition to write any thing 😦

What was interesting apart from that?

A fad for a Disney channel program. It was about this kid who was a ghost and a new family moves in to his house (read mansion) and he wants them to leave. The young (and probably the only) daughter of the family, who was against this idea of moving away from her friends, teamed up with this ancient kid ghost (who she could only see) and tries to scare away her parents. But well unfortunately they don’t budge.

Some strange things start happening in the house which the ghost cant even explain. So they eventually find out that the realtor who sold the house was the one causing trouble in wacky joker masks.

He was soon busted and well the ghost kid had a “nightmare” where his parents were applauding him for doing a good deed.

A cat named Caterpillar


“Hello little Goldie, how’s you doin’?,” Rottie the parrot waved at Mr. Fred’s pet fish Goldie as he flew across the open window, landing on the sill for a while.

“I am doing fine, thank you Rottie, what about you?,” she inquired circling around the round glass jar, the bubbles of her words trailing towards the surface.

“Ah good good. It’s been a hot sunny day innit? Oh sorry you wouldn’t know,” he chuckled.

Goldie let out an uncomfortable snort.

“Well off I go, see you laters!,” waving goodbye, Rottie flew out.

“Bye,” uttered Goldie quietly.


In the garden of St. Marcus’s park a cat was growling loudly.”You better get out of my way you slimy skunky little fella. Ugh.”Catkins, a British shorthair was apparently mad at a caterpillar who was crawling by too close to her.

“Calm down young lady, I am just passing by,” said the caterpillar defensively.

“Meowwwrrrrrrr!” Within seconds Catkins clawed the poor little caterpillar and ran away.

Lying on the cool green grass, his body cut open from the stomach, the caterpillar was breathing his last.


“Wake up Catkins! Food is ready,” Mrs Fiona beckoned her cat towards her food. “I am not going to call you again!”

When Catkins didn’t respond to her call, Mrs Fiona lurched towards her cushion house only to find Catkins missing. This was worrying for never in 4 years had Catkins disappeared early in the morning at time of  her breakfast.

Mrs Fiona called over her husband and both of them looked around the house expectedly wishing their cat was safe.


“Hello again Goldie!,” said Rottie standing at the sill of the window. “Did you hear the big news?” he inquired.

“No, I didn’t hear anything since yesterday. What happened?” she asked.

“Yesterday Crowie and Snakie heard a yelp in the park. It was Catkins hissing at a caterpillar, maybe the fella was new to town, never seen him before. Don’t know the reason of the quarrel but that wicked lady snapped at the poor creature and split his stomach in half.”

“AWHHHHH,” cried Goldie. “That’s cruel!”

“Yes yes my dear. But listen to this part. They said, within minutes the caterpillar was dead. But next morning, as Crowie stood outside the window of Catkins’s house, he couldn’t see her anywhere, even Mrs. Fiona was frantically looking for her. That’s when Crowie saw a real bizarre scene, a caterpillar dropped off of Catkins cushion and crawled towards her food bowl. He started nibbling at the food and it felt like he wasn’t able to chew on it that’s when his whole body began wriggling like crazy.”

“You don’t think so….!,” Goldie let out a gasp.

Rottie gazed at her intently. “Goldie, I think unfortunately, Catkins has become a Caterpillar.”

Moral of the story: What comes around goes around. Be kind to others.