A pigeon’s fate

When I was not carrying your burden, my feet weighed as light as the feathers of a homing pigeon. My soul as pure as the whiteness of its body. My wings carried me high and above, taking me wherever I wanted.

But you plucked on my feathers and made quills out of them. Dipping them in my blood, you wrote my life, my destiny for me. How far was I supposed to go? Who was I to meet? All my decisions were in your hands.

You built fresh nests around me and asked me to lay eggs and each time when I refused, you built walls around me, their levels as high as your insecurities.

Now I can barely catch a glimpse of the painted glass windows of the house nearby. They have always joined my screams when you would go away. And I know once I am completely confined in these walls, my screams will not be muffled, rather, they will be so loud, loud enough to explode those windows and send sharp shards flying all around. And at that point I would wish deeply in my heart for one of those to find your way and pierce through your rough and callous skin. I want you to bleed, I want you to cry in pain and then with those broken shards I want to write the destiny of your life, just like you wrote mine.


Daily Prompt: Sep 20

What was one productive thing you did today?

I am so glad i woke up at 7a.m. today and through out the day I felt sleepy but I kicked the sleep back in. I focused on my writing and some other activities. I knew if I dozed off, I would sleep late at night and then the cycle of late bird would repeat itself.

Hence sleep early, wake up early is one productive thing I did today.

Whenever I wake up late, say by 11a.m. I feel my day is wasted and it passes by so quickly, I get nothing done.

Does it happen to you to? Please share in comments below. Thanks for reading.


This prompt makes me think about that childhood poem about the dog who slept like a log. That’s all I remember from that poem and every time I come across a piece of log, my thoughts travel back to the same association.

But slog isn’t in any way the same thing, in fact its the opposite of that lazy dog that slept like a log. Slog is that dog that slept, woke up and began working. He chased a few squirrels, played with his master, learnt a few tricks but still had enough energy to keep going.

Log on the other hand slept and slept, he slept till noon and woke up with a bright sun hanging up in the sky. Log indolently walked around in search of food, he wanted the food to appear to him, he was too “tired” to play or run, he just was so sleepy all the time.

Each one of us has a “Log” or “Slog” experience in our lives. We just have to decide how often we choose the right one.

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Daily Prompt: Sep 15

Write a poem about appearances

Img: Tumblr keyword suggestions
Purple lips,
plastic teeth
bushy eyebrows
dainty eyes
squishy tummy,
flat hips,
born and bred
the Tarzan kind
except Tarzan had friends
but for ugly,
there's no friend.

Daily Prompt: Sep 9

Say something about this picture

(Picture downloaded from pixabay non-copyright)


An old man in his nineties, thinks about all the instances of his youth which he spent in raising his four kids but now there was no one besides him. His dreams and aspirations were left unfulfilled because by the time he reached his 40s and got done with marrying off his kids, he fell sick, and after that there was nothing but memories, memories full of regrets. But there was one thing he was happy about: Someone took his picture one day while he smoked and said they would share his story with the world, especially youth so they could learn from him and not repeat the same mistakes again. He’ll change many lives, they said.

“This makes me happy, that I have finally done something worthwhile before dying”


Disclaimer: This is not a real story and was made up for the purpose of this prompt. I got this image from pixabay (they offer free images) and have no intention but to use it in the prompt for imaginative writing.