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I am excited to introduce you to my first ebook on lulu.

It’s a short collection of seven poems about relationships, heartbreak and self-cure.

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I am melting slowly like a butter in your hand
My silly dreams 
oozing through your fingers
down down on the ground
like acid rain pouring 
destroying your metal palace
knocking down your flower pots
one by one
The bitter taste of my dreams
stagnant, frozen, stuck
and broken under the heavy weight
of uncertainties


Summer resigned


After three years of sunshine,
there finally were dark clouds

pouring rain

no sweat, no headaches

just sweet melody of dripping water
on the open armed leaves

and open mouthed grass
taking in the life

after three years of death
yellow to green

yellow to blue
the anger of sky

is now a cuddle
for everything that is covers

is beautiful
just beautiful

Miners in my throat

Some miners are digging in my throat
There's a passageway they ignore
and dig and shovel to the other side
the soft ground of my gullet
feels tender as I swallow
The miners have heavy built
even with floods passing
and the meatballs dropping
they still cling on tight
to the walls of my throat
I am waiting for them to leave
but it's only noon right now

Daily Prompt: Sep 15

Write a poem about appearances

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Purple lips,
plastic teeth
bushy eyebrows
dainty eyes
squishy tummy,
flat hips,
born and bred
the Tarzan kind
except Tarzan had friends
but for ugly,
there's no friend.