Fish on beach

The grill lay low on sand
The smell of salty water
mixed with the homelessness
of the poor fish on the grill
tossing and turning
into a roast

Miners in my throat

Some miners are digging in my throat
There's a passageway they ignore
and dig and shovel to the other side
the soft ground of my gullet
feels tender as I swallow
The miners have heavy built
even with floods passing
and the meatballs dropping
they still cling on tight
to the walls of my throat
I am waiting for them to leave
but it's only noon right now

Witch in my closet

There’s a witch in my closet, trying to fly her broom which is also in the closet.

I don’t have my wand with me, and I am kinda scared of that witch

she keeps saying bad words

her mommy must have been Bellatrix’s relative

I dunno but what do I do?

Can you please help?

P.S: I am a muggle and in first year of Hogwarts. I haven’t learnt defensive spells yet