The Future
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A complex labyrinth of the future

to contain the beast of today—human

Butterscotch streets of Mars

AI takeover, Hawking said

Or a huge crack in time, emergence of The Langoliers

Rise of the dead, the Zombie’s apocalypse

Or the alien’s attack against the beastly selfish breed

killing one another, mercilessly

Or a huge submarine dwelling deep in the ocean

until the World War III is over 

Or a vanishing cabinet to the future of existence

Where freedom is slavery and war is peace

One’s haughty and mighty on the ladder of—

Darwin’s survival of the fittest—shall live.

The maze of earth will hug carcasses of the rest

and hide them in it’s belly—safe from the beast



Remember that pianist who said that if he did not practice everyday he would know, if he did not practice two days, the critics would know, after three days, his audiences would know.

-Taken from Zen in the art of writing by Ray Bradbury

Once I read this quote it hit me hard like a brick. I know I have been lagging behind in my resolution of writing everyday. It’s been one of those phases, when you tend to give up and its hard to get back there.

From today, I am going to try to stand back up and I will make sure I don’t step on that banana skin again.

Daily Prompt: Aug 28

When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.

Haha. That’s a hard one.


I see a woman who only cares about herself, she doesn’t understand the needs/wants of a relationship. She lacks compassion and empathy, is indifferent and cold towards others.

She has no friends, no well wishers. She spends an awful lot of money on herself and only herself.

I see a woman with no dreams, no passion, no aptitude towards achieving something in life.

And last but not the least, this woman eats less! HAHA.

Alright folks that’s it for this post. I really didn’t like bad mouthing another me 😛

Until next time. Ciao.

These prompts are taken from The Daily Post 365 prompts. Please take a look, they are really helpful!