Hello readers,

I am excited to introduce you to my first ebook on lulu.

It’s a short collection of seven poems about relationships, heartbreak and self-cure.

Here’s a sneak peak inside:



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can you see,

the fireworks in my heart

like a bottle of carbonated drink

gushes out when opened


can you see,

the light in my eyes,

when the little sparks

reflect my emotions


can you see,

the river at the back

taking in all the fallen




can you see,

the fireworks

the fireworks


Remember that pianist who said that if he did not practice everyday he would know, if he did not practice two days, the critics would know, after three days, his audiences would know.

-Taken from Zen in the art of writing by Ray Bradbury

Once I read this quote it hit me hard like a brick. I know I have been lagging behind in my resolution of writing everyday. It’s been one of those phases, when you tend to give up and its hard to get back there.

From today, I am going to try to stand back up and I will make sure I don’t step on that banana skin again.

Miners in my throat

Some miners are digging in my throat
There's a passageway they ignore
and dig and shovel to the other side
the soft ground of my gullet
feels tender as I swallow
The miners have heavy built
even with floods passing
and the meatballs dropping
they still cling on tight
to the walls of my throat
I am waiting for them to leave
but it's only noon right now

Witch in my closet

There’s a witch in my closet, trying to fly her broom which is also in the closet.

I don’t have my wand with me, and I am kinda scared of that witch

she keeps saying bad words

her mommy must have been Bellatrix’s relative

I dunno but what do I do?

Can you please help?

P.S: I am a muggle and in first year of Hogwarts. I haven’t learnt defensive spells yet