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Smell of March's air
nostalgia and a certain kind of sadness
an unexplained sadness
The whiff of bar b Que on grill
from the neighbors house
and the thoughts of losing before trying
circling around me
March's message carved in the air:
Even if you are lost, does not mean you can't be found
Hold your hand up and I will flick you up in the sky
and you'll see how insignificant everything is below you
So do not worry, O beautiful
lie down on the cool green grass
and breathe me in
I will give you some of my strength
until April takes my place

-Saira Tabassum-

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Beast of future

A complex labyrinth of the future to contain the beast of today—human Butterscotch streets of Mars AI takeover, Hawking said Or a huge crack in time, emergence of The Langoliers Rise of the dead, the Zombie’s apocalypse Or the alien’s attack against the beastly selfish breed killing one another, mercilessly Or a huge submarine dwelling […]

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Summer resigned


After three years of sunshine,
there finally were dark clouds

pouring rain

no sweat, no headaches

just sweet melody of dripping water
on the open armed leaves

and open mouthed grass
taking in the life

after three years of death
yellow to green

yellow to blue
the anger of sky

is now a cuddle
for everything that is covers

is beautiful
just beautiful


can you see,

the fireworks in my heart

like a bottle of carbonated drink

gushes out when opened


can you see,

the light in my eyes,

when the little sparks

reflect my emotions


can you see,

the river at the back

taking in all the fallen




can you see,

the fireworks

the fireworks


Remember that pianist who said that if he did not practice everyday he would know, if he did not practice two days, the critics would know, after three days, his audiences would know.

-Taken from Zen in the art of writing by Ray Bradbury

Once I read this quote it hit me hard like a brick. I know I have been lagging behind in my resolution of writing everyday. It’s been one of those phases, when you tend to give up and its hard to get back there.

From today, I am going to try to stand back up and I will make sure I don’t step on that banana skin again.