The Mysterious Scratch

Here’s a short dose of horror for you guys!

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Since a few days, I have been having this strange realization of objects around me moving on their own. Like for instance while working on my laptop, through the corner of my eye I would sense a motion. And when I would turn around and look everything would be as static as ever.

I didn’t think much of it until today. My wardrobe was a mess. Trousers, shirts, undergarments, everything was dancing all over the place. Every time I organized my cupboard, I would assure myself that there was no way it would end up in an explosion in a few weeks but then after two weeks the superficial trust in my organizational skills would poof away in thin air.

So it happened while I was folding my trousers. I had my back towards the Queen size bed in my room as I lined the middle rack of my cupboard…

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