Daily Prompt: Sep 10

Update on “Sep 03 prompt

Describe a sad  happy experience you encountered recently.

So as I described in prompt 03 about how pissed I was at the second last episode of the Pakistani drama I love. Today was the last episode and thank God, the male protagonist is alive. I was happy yessss. What made me laugh like a maniac was the ending.

In the ending this thief steals purse of the female protagonist and she hurls abuses towards him “Kuttayyy! (i.e. Dog in english). The male protagonist who is also her husband and sweet heart asks her to stay back while he takes charge, but she stops him and says:

“Let’s do it together!”

And then you see the ending scene where both of them are running behind the thief.

I found that CUTE.

I am glad there was a happy ending. Thank you directors 🙂 🙂


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