Daily Prompt: Sep 9

Say something about this picture

(Picture downloaded from pixabay non-copyright)


An old man in his nineties, thinks about all the instances of his youth which he spent in raising his four kids but now there was no one besides him. His dreams and aspirations were left unfulfilled because by the time he reached his 40s and got done with marrying off his kids, he fell sick, and after that there was nothing but memories, memories full of regrets. But there was one thing he was happy about: Someone took his picture one day while he smoked and said they would share his story with the world, especially youth so they could learn from him and not repeat the same mistakes again. He’ll change many lives, they said.

“This makes me happy, that I have finally done something worthwhile before dying”


Disclaimer: This is not a real story and was made up for the purpose of this prompt. I got this image from pixabay (they offer free images) and have no intention but to use it in the prompt for imaginative writing.


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