Daily Prompt: Sep 6

Explain why there was no post the previous day?

So yesterday I was in a situation where I didn’t have a proper access to the internet. Moreover I was physically not in the condition to write any thing 😦

What was interesting apart from that?

A fad for a Disney channel program. It was about this kid who was a ghost and a new family moves in to his house (read mansion) and he wants them to leave. The young (and probably the only) daughter of the family, who was against this idea of moving away from her friends, teamed up with this ancient kid ghost (who she could only see) and tries to scare away her parents. But well unfortunately they don’t budge.

Some strange things start happening in the house which the ghost cant even explain. So they eventually find out that the realtor who sold the house was the one causing trouble in wacky joker masks.

He was soon busted and well the ghost kid had a “nightmare” where his parents were applauding him for doing a good deed.


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