The Candy Man


Undone boot laces, feet splashing on the wet road,

chase and run, unkempt hair, muddy clothes

a boy on a rusty skateboard scratching a zig zag pattern

on the dimly lit road

A bicyclist passes by splashing

a fountain of water on the pavement


Amidst the hustle and bustle,

a dim sound of ringing bell and whistles

unnoticed until the lyrics of a song reached the ears

“Jelly beans, pop-tarts, lollipops

gummies and chocolates

candy man has them all.”


A feeble image of an old man appears pushing a red cart

candies hanging, swaying side by side, waving at the kids

jars filled with jelly beans, blue, red, green, white, all colors

a few kids rush towards the cat and candy man brings it to a halt

Here my kids, here you go

coins exchanged with colors, happy faces, runny nose, muddy clothes


Oblivious of the intent gaze of the wrinkled dimly visible face

“A lollipop please,” says a little boy with black hair and blue pants

“Here my child,” says the candy man with a sugary smile

kids run back to their homes, sucking and slurping

the candy man is pushing his cart with a lot of effort

even though candy was sold in good numbers


On the street, a man and a woman stand outside the house,

questioning a passing by kid

they pace in anticipation

and look around the street

for a boy with black hair

and blue pants




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