Res# 4: Photo poem

Hello readers!

You can find on my Instagram account (located at the bottom of the blog), a list of resolutions, that I follow each day.

I was kind of late to post this one due to some traveling and spending time with family. I feel bad to be a day late to post but hey, I am learning! 🙂 🙂

So without further ado, here’s my photo poem.


To the end of the line, I walk
unsure of my sense of control
Towards the army of prisoners do I look
which ones shall swipe under my rule
the middle ones? Right or left?
Index and ring finger plus my thumb
fitted in the holes of the red glazing ball
I swing my aching arm
and watch the fierceness of the fired canon
demolishing the whole army but two
two soldiers holding hands in unison


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